Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn Woods Classic 5K

Saturday I had the pleasure of joining several of my friends from work for the Autumn Woods Classic 5K, and annual fall race at the beautiful Elm Creek Park Reserve. The weather was a little better this year, and it was a crisp, cool, albeit slightly windy day. Very nice temperature for running. The fall colors were a little more vibrant, too. We had a lot of fun.

The crew, ready to run!
This race takes place in my neck of the woods. Long time readers might recall last year I ran to the packet pickup the night before the race. This year I changed things up a bit and ran to the race.

I left my home and hit the trails, timing it to meet up with my buddies a few minutes before the race. I ran the race, very likely looking like a complete tool - I mean, who carries two water bottles with them in a 5K? ;-) And when the race was done, I ran home. Ended up with nearly 21 miles for the morning.

The journey to and fro involved several great wildlife sightings - a few deer, wood ducks, catbird, trumpeter swans, and northern flickers. I also saw large flocks of Myrtle warblers, and white-throated sparrows, which are true signs that the migration south is in full swing.

I didn't run the race very hard (27:25 finishing time), as I was trying to conserve energy for the return trip! A couple of my friends set 5K personal bests, so that was really cool, and I was excited for them.

It was a great morning. Attendance looked like it was up quite a bit from last year, so quite a few folks were out enjoying the park and the race. We had a good time running in support of the Three Rivers Park District.


Julie D said...

You ran to the race? Ha ha, I have come close to that before, but never executed. Good job running with/from the animals!

wildknits said...

Nice way to work a little speedwork into a long run!

Adelyn said...

Looks like a nice race! Always fun to see when your seasons start really changing :)

Christina said...

Nice little race! The scenery must have been amazing, and obviously the wildlife made it a good time.

I've always wondered about running to/from a race. For me, I don't typically have the base built up to do that, though I suppose if I went slowly enough it wouldn't be that bad.


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