Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Meteorological Spring"

So today is March 2nd.  We have hit what is known as "meteorological spring."  As opposed to going by the astronomical seasons (equinoxes, solstices, and all that science stuff), the meteorological season divide things up nice and even by months.  Therefore, the months of March, April, and May are considered "spring,"

I ran 16.5 miles this morning.  My bottle of Gatorade froze up after 6 miles. 

Gatorade popsicle!
"Meteorological spring?"  Hmmmm...

It was 7 F when I started and around 14 F when I finished.  A little frosty out there this morning.  About 13 miles into my run, I was passed by a young couple on the trail.  We exchanged pleasantries, and then the girl stared at me with a shocked look on her face.

"Oh my, you've been out here a while!"  She was seeing my frosted-over hat, frozen eyelashes, and the ice on my goatee.  We shared a laugh, and I told her indeed I had.  She said, "Well, at least the sun is out!"

Post-run frost
She was right.  There was abundant sunshine, and aside from having no hydration for 10+ miles, the morning was beautiful - not a lot of wind, and a touch of hoar frost on the trees.  Chickadees, cardinals, and red-bellied woodpeckers were singing.  Wild turkeys were gobbling.  The season is changing.  Slowly.

Still, it was cold.  Perhaps we will have better luck with "astronomical spring?"


wildknits said...

Must have been the day to run 16 miles! I hit the snowmobile trails for my run, and due to the low overnight temps they were perfect for running.

0 F when I got up this morning, so was glad I had delayed the run to mid-morning. By then it had already warmed into the teens and I discovered quite quickly during the run that I was overdressed!

Abundant sunshine made for even more warmth in the sheltered spots and mud was trod through on the exposed slopes.

Seen on the run: 4 deer (at least 3 times); pileated woodpecker plus more evidence of their presence in the woods; and some strange tracks through the trees and down the frozen creek bed near Spirit Mountain Ski Hill.

Adelyn said...

Every time I see your frosted over pictures, I can't even imagine. It's already heating up here - 80 degrees the next 4 days. Sorry we can't send some of our heat your way!

SteveQ said...

I saw my pair of bluebirds two or three weeks ago, so it looks like they successfully overwintered... but I haven't seen them for long enough that I'm a little worried. Bluebirds = spring.

Jean said...

Wild Knits, nice sightings!

Addy, things are slowly warming here. Our snow is melting rapidly, so warmer days are ahead!

Steve, I hope your bluebirds made it! I am looking forward to seeing them. There are several that nest in my neighborhood.


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