Monday, February 18, 2013

Signs of spring?

The was the view behind my office on Valentine's Day:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
What a lovely scene!  The snow was fairly wet and clingy, and it managed to look this way for much of the day before the wind knocked it down.  Absolutely gorgeous. 

In spite of the snow, I am noticing some signs of spring.

While on some recent runs, I heard the cardinals and chickadees singing their "spring songs."  Also, the downy woodpeckers were doing their drumming.  That is the first time this season I have heard this.  And during an early evening run, a pair of trumpeter swans flew over my head.

Stuff is happening.  These are all good signs.

Of course, as I type this, the predicted low temperature tonight is supposed to get down to -2 F.  But whatever.  We are going to get there!  Eventually.


Glenn Jones said...

It was freezing here in LA on Monday. It was 55.......

Jean said...

LOL! Glenn, I am looking forward to some temps like that. Shorts weather! :)


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